SpaGuts Replacement Fuse Set, VS-Series

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In stock

SpaGuts Replacement Fuse Set for the VS-Series Electronic Controllers. Can also be used for the Balboa VS-Series Controllers. Fuse set includes a pair of 30A Buss fuse, a pair of 20A Ceramic fuse, a pair of 2A glass fuse, and a pair of 0.3A glass fuse.

SpaGuts P/N: 75-200-1000

Replace fuse for the following SpaGuts and Balboa Model Controllers: VS300, VS500, VS501, VS504, VS510, VS511, VS520

Replacement option for the following fuse part numbers: 40-199-2030, 35-0019 (30A), SC30, 75-175-0123, 30123 (20A), 75-150-0060, 35-0060-K (2A), 75-175-1581, 21581 (3/10A, 300mA or 0.3A), 75-150-0060 (2A)

This item and has NO warranty, and is NON-Returnable.


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