SpaGuts SGBP501G1 Spa Control System, Wifi Enabled, 5.5KW HTR (NO Topside/Cords)

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SpaGuts brand Spa Control System SGBP501G1, Wifi Enabled, is powered by Balboa Water Group, but offers an upgraded 2 year warranty instead of the standard 1 year warranty provided on Balboa labeled components. The Spa Guts branded products offer a better value and a longer warranty than all competing brands.

An option only available from SpaGuts, the SGBP501G1 is available Factory Configured to your exact specifications for $54.95 or as a Retrofit Kit that is easily field configured at the time of installation. Competitors only offer controllers as a Retrofit "do it yourself kits" without the time saving Factory Configuration optionally available by SpaGuts. Factory Configuration includes set-up and bench testing of Internal component circuits to work with your existing Pump 1, Blower (or Pump 2), Circ Pump and Ozone, so you don't have to do any internal wiring or programming, making your controller plug and play right out of the box. Best value for most installers; saves time and prevents costly installation errors.

This control system operates on 110/220V 60Hz (220V requires 4-wire service, Neutral is Required). The SGBP501G1 controller is equipped with Balboa Water Group's patented M7 and M8 technology which allows the heater to be mounted either on the suction or discharge side of the pump for simplified installation. M7 and M8 Technology also completely eliminates the pressure switch which otherwise requires occasional manual adjustment, making the SpaGuts SGBP501G1 an ideal choice if a pressure switch is not necessary on your spa configuration.

SpaGuts P/N: 11-175-4896


  • Exclusive QR Code for Quick Access to Wiring Diagram, Operation/Installation/Technical Information
  • Exclusive SpaGuts brand Control System, SGBP501G1, 59243-01
  • Exclusive 2-Year Limited Warranty (Extended Warranty Option is available upon ordering)
  • Program Setting from topside panel
  • Wifi Enabled (Wifi Module sold separately)
  • 110/220V 60Hz (220V requires 4-wire service, Neutral is Required)
  • Pump 1 circuit, 2 speed, 110/220V, 12A Max*
  • Blower or Pump 2 circuit, 1 speed, 110/220V, 12A Max
  • Circ Pump circuit, 110/220V, 2A Max (24Hr; Pump 1 becomes 1-speed when activated; Requires 25 GPM)*
  • Ozone circuit, 110/220V, 1A Max*
  • Audio/Video circuit, 110/220V, 2A Max (Constant Circuit)
  • 12V 12W Light circuit
  • 5.5KW, 240V Flo-Thru Incoloy High Flow heater with M7 technology
  • Stainless steel heater housing
  • No Pressure Switch. Heater can be installed on suction or discharge side of pump
  • Quick Disconnect Heater Cable
  • Y-Cable, 25657
  • UL Recognized for your safety
  • Freeze protection
  • High-limit protection
  • Filtration mode
  • Economy Mode
  • Installation and Tech Books (Only Available Online. See Tabs Above)

*NOTE: Pump 1, Circ, and Ozone all MUST be on the same voltage


Dimensions (Approx.):

  • Controller:  12.64 inches L x 10.56 inches H x 4.8 inches W
  • Heater:  15 inches L x 2 inches Diameter

Compatible Balboa Topside Panels (Sold Separately):

  • SpaTouch2 (57219, 57220, 57231, 57232, 57221, 57222, 57179, 57180)
  • SpaTouch1 (50391, 50404, 50402, 50585, 50610, 50391, X310213, X509124, 50390)
  • TP900
  • TP800,
  • TP700
  • TP600
  • TP500/TP500S
  • TP400T/TP400W
  • TP200T/TP200W
  • TP240T/TP240W
  • TP260T/TP260W

WI-FI Optional (Sold Separately):

  • iPhone App! Control your spa from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod!

Add the optional BALBOA WI-FI MODULE, 50350, download one of the iPhone Apps, and use your iPhone, iPad, iPod or computer to control your SpaGuts BP Model Controller remotely! Also works with Android!  The SpaGuts BP Model Controller we have in stock are pre-program with the software capable of WI-FI control. Imagine the possibility of being able to monitor your spa and control it remotely within your wifi network with the Home App, or do it all remotely from across country with the World App using the internet. Basically Amazing!!!


  • (*iPhone, iPad, iPod and computer are not included)

This controller system is also a replacement option for the following part numbers: 56778, 54861, 10-175-4861, 11-200-4861, 10-175-4838, 54838, 11-200-4865, 10-175-4856, 11-200-4856, 56756, 54834, 10-175-4834, 54837, 56485-03, 54833, 54832, 10-175-6485, 54829, G5361 Balboa BP7 System

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