Sta-Rite® DJ Pump Wet End Assy, Cascades Model by Balboa

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In stock

Replacement pump wet end assembly for the Sta-Rite® Dura-Jet (DJ) brand or Balboa Cascades brand Side Discharge 48-Frame Pump model. Available in 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0 HP. Both intake and discharge fittings are 2.0 inch.

SpaGuts P/N:

  • 15-175-5022, 1.0HP
  • 15-175-5023, 1.5HP
  • 15-175-5024, 2.0HP
  • 15-175-5025, 3.0HP
  • 15-175-5026, 4.0HP

NOTE 1: The 2.0 inch pump wet end assembly has an outside to outside thread measurement of approximately 3.0 inch.

NOTE 2: Only purchase this pump wet end assembly as a direct replacement to avoid leaks, fitment and failures. DO NOT install on a 56-Frame motor.

These pump wet end assemblies are replacement options for the following pump and pump wet end part numbers: 15-175-2195 or DJAYEA-0103 (1.0HP, Complete Pump), 15-175-2196 or DJAYFA-0101 (1.5HP, Complete Pump), 15-175-2203 or DJAYGB-0101a (1.5HP, Complete Pump), 15-200-2201 or DJAYGB-0101 (2HP, Complete Pump), 15-175-2201 or DJAAYGB-0104 (3HP, Complete Pump), 15-175-2202 or DJAYHB-0104 (4HP, Complete Pump), 1215022 (1.0HP), 1215023 (1.5HP), 1215014 (2HP), 1215033 (3HP), 1215015 (4HP), DJAYEA-0062A (1.0HP, Complete Pump)

This item comes with a 90-Day limited warranty. This item is Non-Returnable.


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