Universal replacement Gecko SSPA/MSPA Flo-Thru Heater Assembly, 5.5KW, 220V

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In stock

Universal replacement 5.5KW 220V Flo-Thru Heater Assembly for Gecko SSPA and MSPA Model Controllers.  OEM part numbers C2550-5003 or 48-1555-RP-GEK.

SpaGuts P/N:  25-250-5005


  • Stainless Steel Heater Housing
  • Replaceable 5.5KW 220V Incoloy 800 Element
  • Two movable bands for mounting studs
  • Two Pressure Switch Taps (Pressure Switch not included)
  • Pair of 2.0 inch heater split nuts
  • Pair of 2.0 inch heater tailpieces
  • Pair of 2.0 inch o-ring gaskets
  • External Thermowell Cover Plate with Wing Nut
  • One year manufacturer's limited warranty

Heater outputs approximately 1.5KW on 110/120V applications.

Heater Dimension (Approx): 15 inch L x 2 inch Diameter

Made in USA.

Replacement option for the following heater part numbers:  20-00232, C2550-0304, C2550-0801A, 46-371-1208, C2550-0601ET, C2550-0802ET, C2550-0800, C2550-0800ET, C2550-0800ET-G, B24055GM, 20-00272, 20-00274, 530AA0107, C2550-C3330-1 or C2550-C3330-1A (Caldera Spas - must use the original heater cables and grounding bar), C2550-0601, C2550-0601ET, B24055LAS, B24055LASD, B24055U, 20-00250, 20-00251, 20-00249, 20-00270, B24055AR or B24055A, UL Model 26-0071X-XXX (Must Confirm Heater Part Number to Match)

Also a replacement option for the following heater part numbers (Must use the original pressure switch, and add new heater cables):  9920-100347 or 2-00-7511, 25-720-0339, 9920-100339, 2-00-7503, C2500-0800-2, 46-371-1216, 46-371-1207, 20-00294, 20-00250, 610473, C2550-0800-2, C2550-0800ET-G, C2550-0803A, HEP-00-00-00 530AA0428, 27-J0568-7S-K


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