Waterway Executive 48 Pump Wet End ASSY, 4.5HP, 2.0-inch (NON-Returnable)

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In stock

Replacement pump wet end assembly for the Waterway Executive 48 Pumpmodel 4.5HP with 2.0 inch intake (48-Frame). Discharge fitting is standard 2.0 inch.

SpaGuts P/N: 15-350-1920

NOTE 1: If measuring from outside thread to outside thread on the pump wet endfittings, the 2.0 inch fitting will measure approximately 3.1 inches.

This is a replacement option for the following Waterway part numbers: 310-1920 (Wet End Assy), 715-1201B (Drain Plug), 805-0112B (O-Ring #111), 819-1110B (screw), 311-1220B (faceplate, 2.0"), 805-0261B (O-Ring #261), 319-1370B (Wear Ring, 4-5HP), 310-4200B (Impeller, 4.5HP), 319-3100B (Shaft Seal), 315-1240B (Volute, 48Y), 313-1400B (Slinger), 34-270-1525, 1-05-0348, WW3101920, 1-00-0189 (Pump), 3411621-1A (Pump), 34-270-3566 (Pump), 34-270-3210 (Pump), 15-350-2193 (Pump), 342182A-1A (Pump)

NOTE 2: Only purchase this pump wet end assembly as a direct replacement to avoid leaks, fitment and failures. DO NOT install on a 56-Frame Motor.

This item comes with a 90-Day limited warranty, and is Non-Returnable. 

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