Waterway Executive 48 Pump Wet End ASSY, 4.5HP, 2.5-inch

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In stock

Replacement pump wet end assembly for the Waterway Executive 48 Pumpmodel 4.5HP with 2.5 inch intake (48-Frame). Discharge fitting is standard2.0 inch.

SpaGuts P/N: 15-350-1850

NOTE 1: If measuring from outside thread to outside thread on the pump wet endfittings the 2.5 inch intake fitting will measure approximately 3.5 inches, and the2.0 inch discharge fitting will measure approximately 3.1 inches.

This is a replacement option for the following Waterway part numbers: 310-1850 (Wet End Assy), 715-1201B (Drain Plug), 805-0112B (O-Ring #111), 819-1110B (screw), 311-1210B (faceplate, 2.5"), 805-0261B (O-Ring #261), 319-1370B (Wear Ring, 4-5HP), 310-4200B (Impeller, 4.5HP), 319-3100B (Shaft Seal), 315-1240B (Volute, 48Y), 313-1400B (Slinger), 34-270-1542, 5039-245, WW3101850, 15-350-2194 (Pump), 342182A-13 (Pump), 34-270-3568 (Pump), 34-270-3280 (Pump)

NOTE 2: Only purchase this pump wet end assembly as a direct replacement to avoid leaks, fitment and failures. DO NOT install on a 56-Frame Motor.

This item comes with a 90-Day limited warranty, and is Non-Returnable.


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