Bath Control w/Built-in Air Switch, MM-1TD-W-99, 110V, 15A, 910535-001

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In stock

This control unit operates via an air switch. Press the air switch button (sold separately) and the pump will run for 10 minutes, then automatically shut off. Press the button again for 10 more minutes of operation. OEM part number 910535-001. Model MM-1TD-W-99. Includes approximately 10ft of 1/8" air tubing.

If your tub is not already equipped with an air button, you’ll need to add an air button to your order .

SpaGuts P/N: 25-850-5350

Add this control unit to ensure that your bathtub pump(with or without a bathtub heater) is not left running whennot in use. We recommend adding a controller in situations where the bathtub is likely to be usedby careless users, such as in hotels.

You can also add to this controller the optional bathtub water level sensor to ensure an adequate water level before allowing the pump to run, to prevent damage from water sprayed into the air by the bathtub jets.

This controller is for indoor use only. Wall mount. Hard wiring required.

This control unit also replaces the following part numbers: 810400-0 ETD-10, WL-1 (Must also purchase water level sensor (item 960092-000). WL-1 has clear tubing on back side that will need to be plugged), VCMM-1TD-W


Dimensions (Approx):

  • 4.44" L x 4.44" H x 2.635" W


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