Flo-Thru Heater Element, Universal

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SpaGuts Universal Flo-Thru Heater Element is available in 4.0 KW or 5.5 KW 220V, with selection for Incoloy (Non-Coated), or Titanium.  Assembled in USA!

An order includes ONE heater element, TWO heater terminal nuts, TWO heater o-rings, and TWO heater jam nuts (as shown in the picture above).

SpaGuts P/N:

  • 25-150-1201, 5.5 KW Incoloy
  • 25-150-1202, 5.5 KW Titanium with 2-Year Limited Warranty
  • 25-200-0055, 5.5 KW Titanium with 5-Year Limited Warranty
  • 25-150-1204, 4.0 KW Incoloy
  • 25-150-1205, 4.0 KW Titanium with 2-Year Limited Warranty
  • 25-200-0040, 4.0 KW Titanium with 5-Year Limited Warranty

If your spa fails to heat the water properly, the heater element should always be checked.

Defective elements that have been damaged by poor water balance usually trips the GFCI breaker when the heater comes on.  Elements that have just stopped working just don't heat.

Most heater elements go bad because of improper water chemistry, improper installation, and low water flow.  To help you improve your water chemistry, we recommend to maintain water chemistry and keeping it balanced.  Make sure to use a 1/4-inch open wrench to hold onto the heater terminals, which keeps the heater terminals from turning and breaking the epoxy and damaging the heater element.  And make sure to bleed air out of the water lines prior to activating the heater to avoid a burn out.

Regardless of the age of your spa pack, if the only thing broken is the heater element, the economical thing to do is to replace the heater element.

This replacement heater element fits any spa controllers or spa packs that takes a universal hi-flo element including products made by Balboa, Gecko, Spa Builders, Hydro Quip, ACC, Acura Spas, Len Gorden, Coleman, Watkins, Dimension One, and many others.  The heater housing must be a Flo-Thru metal tube, at least 12 inches long, and at least 2.25 inches in diameter.  The heater terminals should be more towards one side of the heater tube.

You can select between a 5.5 KW or a 4.0 KW for 220V application.  For 110V application the 5.5 KW heater element outputs 1.375 KW, and the 4.0 KW heater element outputs 1.0 KW.

5.5 KW = 18766 BTU

4.0 KW = 13648 BTU

Heater Elements that we provide are OEM Factory Replacement Parts and assembled in the U.S.A.  These heater elements are USA and Canada Underwriters Labortories listed for your safety.

Dimension (Approx):  10 inches long, 1.37 inches across and normally used in a 15 inch long Flo-Thru heater metal tube that is at least 2.25 inches in diameter (also known as 2 inch heaters).  The distance between the heater terminals from center point is 1.25 inches. The heater terminals are more towards one side of heater.

To determine whether a universal element will work in your controller, remove your existing element from the controller.  If the element has two probes on it that drop into the control box and has similar shape as the picture shown above, then it will work in your controller.  If it does not look the same, it is not a universal element and will not work.

 Heater Element Type

Standard Incoloy:  This is the standard type heater element primarily used in most spa controllers in the after-market and OEM controller or packs. Comes with 1-year limited warranty.

Titanium with 2-Year Limited Warranty:  Heater elements made out of Titanium metal. It provides the best heat to water transfer. This type of heater element can be used with salt water application. It's made to withstand many water conditions that other heater elements can't. Titanium is known to be the most non-corrosive, longest lasting, and not too many particles will stick to it. Also used in some after-market and OEM controller or packs. If you are having a lot of trouble maintaining the spa or hot tub water, then this heater element is for you. Comes with 2-year limited warranty.

Titanium with 5-Year Limited Warranty:  Upgrade the Titanium Heater Element to a 5-Year Limited Warranty for ONLY $33 more! That is a SAVINGS of almost $24 versus buying a second Titanium Heater Element with the 2-Year Limited Warranty. BEST VALUE!

NOTE 1:  It is recommended to use similar wattage heater element as the original previously installed to avoid unforeseen problems.

NOTE 2:  This item is a Non-Returnable part.

The 5.5KW Heater Element is also an optional replacement for the following Heaters:  C2550-0304A, C2550-1056, C2550-1054, 2550-0535, C2550-0809, C2550-0807, C2400-0807, C2550-0066ET-A, C2550-0321-A, C2550-0621, C2550-0621-A, C2550-0165, 20-00517, C2550-2315, C2550-0155, C2550-0309, C2550-0307, C2550-0736, C2550-0071, C2550-0073, C2550-0313N, C2550-0213N, C2550-0256, C2550-0056, C2550-0120, C2550-1227, 25-250-1012, 25-150-1020, 25-150-1040, 48-87B-S00-1PP3, C2550-5000-2, C2550-1322, 58083, 25-175-1010, 58010, 58121, 58209, 58000, 58123, 58089, 58086, 58105, C2550-0807-TPS, 25-250-0807, 58015, 58274, 58272, 20-00232, C2550-0304, C2550-0801A, 46-371-1208, C2550-0601ET, C2550-0802ET, C2550-0800, C2550-0800ET, C2550-0800ET-G, B24055GM, 20-00272, 20-00274, 530AA0107, C2550-0601, C2550-0802, C2550-0800, 25-250-1000, 25-250-1003, C2550-1206 (13in), C2550-C3330-1 or C2550-C3330-1A (Caldera Spas), 58140, C2550-5000-2, C2550-5000-2B, C2550-0456, 58140, C2550-5000-1, C2550-0535, 12-0100-K, 12-0100-G, , 12-0100-KG, BX5000A, BX5000AT, 47-555-2073, _25-4034, 47-555-2520, 47-555-2070, 22-5020, 50157, C2550-0213, C2550-0213N, C2550-0113, C25, 20-00406, 610942, B24055C, 9140C, B24055C, 20-00406C, 2-00-0016, 20-00423, C2550-0154, 609884, 48-3300-10-154H, C2550-0157, C2550-0154, 48-3300-10-155H, 2-00-0085, B24055LA2, 48-3300-10-736H, C2550-1004, C2550-1004TI, C2550-1004TI-1, 25-175-8272, 25-175-8274, 12-0100, Hydro Quip HeatMax RHS 5.5, Hydro Quip HeatMax RHS 11, 10-150-0011, H0JBB00-0000GL0, 10-150-0055, J0JBB00-0000GL0, 13-0004A, 13-0004, 26-0082A, 26-0071, 25-150-1021, 48-1555-RP, 58019, 20-00425, 25-250-1001, C2550-0033, 25-250-0033, C2550-0737, C2550-5003, 25-250-5005, C2550-0807-ZTS, 25-150-1010, 25-250-0811, 25-175-8019, 25-250-0314, 48-3300-10-304H, 22-5006,22-5012, C2550-0304TI, C2550-0304-1, C2550-0304-PD, C2550-0304-ET-PD, 20-00430, 20-00417, 20-00307, B24055B, B24055E, C2550-0314ET, C2550-0314EP, AQT2000530, 611577, 9185-99, 46-320-1160, 48-1555-HQ, 26-0809-5S-KSP, 26-58048-5S-KSP, 26-58083-7S-KS, 26-0807-7S-KS, 25-4034BI, 25-4034, 25-4034ET-BI, 25-4034ET, 25-4034-BI-TI, 25-4034-TI, 2-05-0025, 2-00-5000, 2-00-0013, 2-00-0052, 2-00-0058, 50071, 2-00-0015, 2-00-0115, 2-00-0135, 2-00-0138, 9920-100347, 25-250-0810, c2550-0739, C2550-0739ET, 25-720-0339, 9920-100339, 2-00-7503, C2500-0800-2, 46-371-1216, 46-371-1207, 20-00294, 20-00250, 610473, C2550-0800-2, C2550-0800ET-G, C2550-0803A, HEP-00-00-00 530AA0428, C2550-0735P, 25-250-0739, 58066, C2550-0002ET, C2550-0002, 20-00224, 20-00424, 2-00-0023, 48-3300-16, HTR601043, HTR5003, 26-0082A-K (Need 2pcs), 25-150-0083 (Need 2pcs), 26-0082-K, 25-150-0082, 58306 (has BP Heater Cable), C2550-0356ET, C2550-0356, 58013 (Incoloy 825), 50080, 26-00054A-M7-F (2x 5.5KW Elements), 26-0054X-XXX, 13-0014B (2x 5.5KW Elements), 26-0053-K, C2550-1054ET-1, C2550-1054TI-1, 2-00-5002, 20-00319, 22-5020, 90-225020, B24055S, 22-C73-050-0G03, 26-C73-050-0G03, 20-00574 (Coated), 20-08574, 25-250-8575 (Coated), 20-08575 (Coated), 20-00408, 55624 (Titanium), 26-0011-7S-K, 26-0011-7S, C2550-0309ET (Coated), 26-0032-R1 (Coated), 26-0032 (Coated), B24055SD, C2550-C3452-1 (Titanium), C3452-1 (Titanium), 2-00-0082A, 26-0315-7S-KA, 2-00-0082, C2550-0315, F802000, C2550-0307ET-S2, Master Spas X300713, 20-08443, BCS-55, 20-08421, 10-250-8421, C08BK00-0001120, 26-0070-BCS55 (Heater Assembly), 26-0070X-XXX (Heater Assembly UL Model), Baptismal BCS-55-3W, 10-150-1055, C2550-0136ET-C, 26-0071-7KSS-K, 26-0071-7KSS-FA, balboa 58010, C2550-0314, 58017(825), 26-0047-K, 46-355-3220, 26-0155-7S-K, 55302, 25-150-0403, B24055P, B24055PC, 2T2S55, 26-1555-RP-SG, 48-1555-RP-SG, 26-58083-K, 27-J0519-7S-K, 12-0100F-KG (Titanium), 58352, 25-175-8352, 6-FLO, 25-200-0001, 25-200-8083, G7510

The 4.0KW Heater Element is also an optional replacement for the following Heaters: C2400-0304, C2400-1054, C2400-0535, C2400-0809, C2400-0321, C2400-0165, 20-00518, C2400-2315, C2400-0307, C2400-0002, C2400-0073, C2400C2550-2, C2400-0313N, C2400-0213N, C2400-0256, C2400-0056, C2400-0000, C2400-1227, C2400-1206, 25-150-1025, C2400-5000-2, 25-175-8104, 58104, 58271, 58173, C2450-0802ET, C2450-0802, HEP-00-00-0037835, HEP-00-00-00 or 73994 or C2400-C3330-1 or C2400-C3330-1A (Caldera Spas), C2450-0802, 58269, 25-250-2020, 25-175-8173, 25-250-1004, C2400-1206 (13in), HEA14100041, 20-00278-C, C2400-0309, C2400-5000-1, C2400-5000-2B, 58148, 55033, 55033-01, 55033-02, 55035, 55035-01, 58109, 102372 or 54598 (Coleman), 58117, 12-0102-K, 12-0102-G, BX5000CT, BX5000C, 47-555-2525, 47-555-2075, 58048, C2400-1004, C2400-1004TI-1, C2450-1004, B24040KX, C2400-1004TI, 25-175-8269, 25-175-8271, B24045G (4.5KW), 20-00422 (4.5KW), C2450-0521 (4.5KW), 46-371-1213 (4.5KW), 20-00269-C (4.5KW), C2400-0135ET-C, C2450-0135ET-C (4.5KW), 5EL-63007F, EL-63007F, C2400-0802A, C2400-0802, 9920-10038, 26-0071A (4.5KW), C2400-1226-1, 25-150-1022, 48-1540-RP, 50142, 58111, HEA14100313, 25-250-1002, C2400-0809-TPS, 25-250-0809, C2400-5003, 25-250-5004, C2400-0807-ZTS, 25-250-0808, C2450-0010ET (4.5KW), C2450-0010 (4.5KW), C2450-1008et (4.5KW), C2450-1008 (4.5KW), 26-0807-5S-KS, 26-58104-5S-KS, 25-4041ET-BI, 25-4041ET, 25-4041, 25-4041-BI-TI, 25-4041-BI, 25-4041, C2400-1002, 2-05-0069, 2-00-5001, C2400-0066ET-A, 22-5019, 2-00-5003, C2400-0314ET, 20-5011, 2-00-7001, C2400-0800ET-G, 2-00-0040, 6000-156, 2-00-0048, 6000-155, 2-00-0072, E2400-1001, 55625, 58281, 25-250-0809, 50067, C2400-0535-TPS, C2400-0535, 25-250-1002, 2-00-7511, C2400-0800ET-S2, 2-00-5003, C2400-0314ET, C2400-0314, 20-5011, 20-00317, 90-225011, C2400-0304TI, C2400-0304T1, 20-00433, 20-00434, 20-00454, B24040E, C2400-0356ET, C2400-0356, C2400-0802A, C2400-5003, 20-00276-C, 50067, C2400-0309, 20-00278-C, 58004, 58111, 25-312-0041, HEA14100041, HEA14100270, HEA14100313, C2400-C3084-1 (Titanium), C2450-0136ET-C (4.5KW), C2400-0136ET-C, 58064(825INC), 26-1540-RP-SG, 48-1540-RP-SG, 58031, 26-58104-K, C2450-3101 (4.5KW Coated), C2450-3101ET (4.5KW Coated), 12-0102F-KG (Titanium), 12-0102-KG, B315-2245-0009 (5.0KW), B24050ZT (5.0KW), C2500-1227 (5.0KW), SPACOMP 05 (5.0KW), HU114 (5.0KW), 4-FLO, G7410

Looking to replace the entire heater metal housing? Check out Heater Assembly.

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