Hayward Replacement Filter Cartridge, C4325

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This is the replacement filter cartridge for the Hayward In-Line spa filter system we sell. This is a 25 square foot in-line filter. Unicel part number C4325. Pleatco part number PLE-051-8104.

NOTE: Depending on availability, a different brand filter cartrige may be provide that has a different part number, but will work and fit the same.

SpaGuts P/N: 20-260-1010

Dimensions (Approx): 11 7/8 inches tall, 4 5/8 inches in outside diameter with a 2 1/16 inch center hole.

This filter cartridge fits the Hayward C225 Micro Star Clear Filter System

Your spa filter system was designed to work most efficiently with this 25 square foot heavy duty Unicel filter cartridge. While routine cleaning can extend the life of your filter cartridge, algae, suntan oil, body oil and other contaminants will rapidly clog the tiny pores of the filter membrane which drastically reduce the effectiveness of your filter. We recommend cleaning your cartridge twice a month and replacing it every 3-4 months.

This filter cartridge is also a replacement option for the following filter cartridge part numbers: FC-0640, SPG-051-2135, P-NJ320309-1, 4-05-0087, Pleatco PA225, Unicel C-4327, 17-175-1035, Filbur FC-1220, 12501, AK-3007, AK-3008, AK-3010, Pleatco PA225-4, 11204, 12003, 12510, 57010200, 57010500, 609480, 645544012203, C-4312, C-4320, Unicel C-4325, CX120-RE, CX200-RE, CX225-RE, FC-0645, Filbur FC-1210, PLE-051-9203, PLE-051-9273, PLE-051-9289, UNIC4325, 4900-21, 4900-23, 4900-25, 4904-002, P-4325, UNC4325, CX225-RE, C-4326, 678285140157

This item carries a 90-day limited warranty, and is NON-Returnable. 

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