Hayward In-Line Filter System, C225

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The filter system seldom fails, although years of opening the canister to clean and replace filters can take its toll. Often spa owners choose to replace their filter systems when they are replacing their spa packs.

SpaGuts P/N: 20-260-1000

We offer the Hayward Micro Star Clear Filter System, model C225. This is a 25 square foot in-line filter to be installed in-line between the drain and pump. Includes filter housing and one filter element.

This filter system is also known as the following part numbers: 24-4022, HAY-05-227, 16-150-1000, 4662-0, 610377019934, C-225, C225, HWDC225

Overall Dimensions (Approx): 7.25 inches wide by 18 inches tall with a 1.5 inch threaded opening. (Bottom Filter Housing measures approximately 6.0 inches)

The filter housing and cap comes with a one year limited warranty. Included filter cartridge comes with a 90 day limited warranty.

To purchase a replacement Hayward Filter Cartridge, click here.

NOTE:  When installing an In-Line Spa Filter System, either install it before the heat pump and controller with heater or after the heat pump and controller with heater.  Never install the spa filter system in between the heat pump and controller with heater.  This causes water flow restrictions preventing the heater from activating, or may allow the heater to overheat affecting the warranty.  Based on the flow rating of the spa filter system, it is normally plumbed in with a small circulation pump.  For a dual speed jet pump application, be sure to create a water flow bypass plumbing around the spa filter system for sufficient water flow.  For systems installed near or above the water level, and more than 5 feet from the tub, install the In-Line Spa Filter System after the heat pump and controller with a water flow bypass plumbing.  A water flow bypass plumbing allows half of the water to go through the spa filter system and half of the water to go around the spa filter system.  This way water flow is not restricted.  A water check valve or a ball valve may be used on the return side of the bypass plumbing to help move part of the water through the spa filter system.  Eventually the spa water will get filtered during the filter cycles.  Check with the manufacturer and a licensed spa technician for proper installation.  We recommend NSF rated flexible PVC for simpler connections.  Click here for more information.

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