Max Air Hi-Performance Spa Blower with Amp Cord, 2.0HP, 220V

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New and Improved 2.0HP, 220V, 4.5A ~ 4.9A Max Air Blower with a 2-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY and FREE SHIPPING. Comparing to others only offering a one year warranty and charging a handling fee. New design, quieter than the most leading spa blowers in the market, and with a high performance motor.


PLEASE SEE LINK TO THE 15-415-9202 Ultra 9000 Hi-Performance Spa Blower with Amp Cord, 2.0HP 220V AS THE ALTERNATIVE REPLACEMENT OPTION TO RETROFIT.

The Max Air Blower is guaranteed to last longer, and comes with a 2 year limited warranty.

SpaGuts P/N: 15-415-2002


  • 2.0HP, 220V, 4.5A ~ 4.9A, 50/60Hz
  • Durable, rust-free plastic housing
  • Life expectancy of 1200hrs
  • Decibels 65-67 at 1 meter
  • Class A insulation with thermal overload protection
  • 5.0 amp fuse for over current protection
  • Ambient temp of 60 degrees Celsius or less
  • Attached 4ft Amp Cord (Adapter Cords are optional)
  • UL recognized file E107002
  • CSA approved file LR93782

Dimensions (Approx): 9.0" L x 6.5" W x 6.75" H

Max Air Blower with new revolutionary motor improves performance dramatically while running cooler and much quieter. In a typical spa you can expect up to 25% more air and 30% greater pressure than a standard motor.

All Max Air Blowers have an open flow of 105 CFM (blower not connected to anything). The 2.0 HP Blower has a sealed pressure of 110 Inches H20.

New housing design with air inlet through the bottom creates a tortuous path, trapping noise inside blower for ultra quiet performance.

The blower has 1.5 inch fitting. Use a 1.5" pipe to easily connect to a blower check valve. And from the check valve to a 2.0" coupler to easily connect to a 2.0" pipe.

Replacement option for the following blower part numbers: 2518220, 2518220F-amp, 2518220F-jjm, 2518220F, 25182201, 12520231, 2520231

NOTE 1: This blower can operate on multiple speeds if connected to a controller with multiple speed circuit.

NOTE 2: If a blower with built-in air switch is needed, contact SpaGuts sales department for this option.

If you are replacing your blower we strongly recommend installing a new in-line blower check valve which will protect your blower from damages due to the back-flow of water when your jets are turned off after use.


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