SpaGuts Spa Controller Pressure Switch, 2.0PSI, Model 4010P

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In stock

This Pressure Switch fits most major brands of spa controllers that has a Pressure Switch installed on the heater. Model 4010P, 25 amp at 250 Vac (inductive). Has a built-in snap-acting electrical switchfor high voltage application.

SpaGuts P/N: 45-100-4010

Replacement option for the following pressure switches: 4037P (Cal Spas), 30408 TDI 3709 (Metal, Balboa), 3158-EH (Metal, TecMark), 3037P (Metal top, TecMark), 4010P-K50F, Balboa 30512, Balboa 36056, Balboa 36142, 3029, 3029P (Metal top), 3010P, 5-20-0026, 47-319-1400, 47-319-1006, 47-319-1201, TEC3029P, 611637, 9137-09A, 5-20-0012, BS-4010P, 3015 (Metal Housing), 34-0019-C, 3037P-CX, MSPS-EE05-Q50, 30409 (Barksdale)

Approximately 2.70 inches long and 1.89 inches in diameter. Note that the electrical switch extends the diameter length to 2.32 inches at the top. This pressure switch Fits in 1/8 inch NPT hole, and has 3/8 inch plastic thread measurement. Easily adjustable wheel from 1 to 6 PSI, and is shipped factory set at 2.0 PSI. PSI adjustments can be done by the installer for different applications and requirements.

UL recognized, for Canada, and the United States, as an operating, limit safety control.

This item comes with 1-year limited warranty, and is NON-Returnable.


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