Ultra 9000 Hi-Performance Spa Blower with Amp Cord, 1.5HP 110V

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New and Improved Ultra 9000 Hi-Performance Air Blower with a 2-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY, FREE SHIPPING, and NO HANDLING FEES. Comparing to others only offering a one year warranty and charging shipping and/or handling fee. New design, super quiet than the most leading spa blowers in the market, and with a high performance motor.

The Ultra 9000 Air Blower is guaranteed to last longer, and comes with a 2 year limited warranty.

SpaGuts P/N: 15-415-9151


  • 110V, 60Hz, 7.8A ~ 8.5A (Approx.)*
  • Durable, rust-free plastic housing
  • Life expectancy of 1200hrs
  • Decibels 65-67 at 1 meter
  • Class A insulation with thermal overload protection
  • 5.0 amp fuse for over current protection
  • Ambient temp of 60 degrees Celsius or less
  • Attached 4ft Amp Cord (Adapter Cords are optional)
  • UL recognized file E107002
  • CSA approved file LR93782


Dimensions (Approx): 9.679 inch L x 7.343 inch W x 6.935 inch H

Ultra 9000 Blower with new revolutionary motor improves performance dramatically while running cooler and much quieter. In a typical spa you can expect up to 25% more air and 30% greater pressure than a standard motor.

The Ultra 9000 Air Blowers have an open flow of 110 CFM (blower not connected to anything). The 1.0 HP Blower has a sealed pressure of 95 inches H20.

New re-designed intake manifold trapping noise inside blower for super quiet performance.

The blower has 2.0 inch fitting that easily connects to a BLOWER CHECK VALVE or 2 inch pipe.

Great replacement for the Max Air model blowers. Both the Ultra 9000 and Max Air blowers are made by the same manufacturer and also uses the same motor. The only difference is the plastic housing and plumbing size connection. The Max Air blower uses a more expensive housing and has 1.5 inch plumbing fittings. Both blowers are about the same size in dimensions.

NOTE 1: This blower can operate on multiple speeds if connected to a controller with multiple speed circuit.

*NOTE 2: Amp Rating will vary based on the motor that is used.

If you are replacing your blower we strongly recommend installing a new IN-LINE BLOWER CHECK VALVE which will protect your blower from damages due to the back-flow of water when your jets are turned off after use.

This blower is also a replacement option for the following part numbers: 13915131F-AMP, 3915131F, 13915131, 1-3915131, 2513121, 12513120F-jjm, 12513120F-amp, 2515131, 15-415-1500


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