Hydro Quip Circuit Board, ECO-1, MAS-Series, 120V, WH3, 33-0014A-R8-K (OBSOLETE)

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Replacement Hydro Quip Circuit Board Kit, ECO-1, MAS-Series, 120V Transformer, WH3, Software 412 Rev 4. OEM part numbers 33-0014A-R8-K and 0103-100010.  This circuit board operates one dual speed pump, ozone and a 12V light.  The circuit board kit comes with 4 plastic standoffs, wiring diagram, new owners manual and configuration insert.

THIS ITEM IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE.  CONSIDER RETROFITTING WITH A NEW SPA CONTROLLER KIT WITH HEATER AND TOPSIDE LIKE THE SpaGuts CY Series Electronic Spa Controller Kit w/Topside OR THE SpaGuts brand VS500Z Single Pump Spa Controller Kit w/ Topside, 54803-01

SpaGuts P/N:  10-150-0014

This board is compatible with the 34-0203 Temperature Sensor (10ft), 34-0201 Hi-Limit Sensor (18in), 34-0201B Hi-Limit Sensor (76in), 35-0019 or 40-199-2030 SC-30 Fuse, 34-0199F Pressure Switch Harness, and the K-9 or K-18 Gecko Topside Panel with correct overlay.

This board also replaces the older revision:  -R2, -R3, -R4, -R5, -R6, -R7

This board is the replacement board for Hydro Quip's Controller Box Model:  EKROL-08000CE4, ZOQKRBL-0300AER, HT-600 Z0EKRBC-0300AE7 with Code ICO01-4016-020

This circuit board also replaces the following circuit board part numbers:  33-0014A, 33-0014A-R1, 34-0014A-R2, 34-0014A-R3, 34-0014A-R4, 34-0014A-R5, 34-0014A-R6, 34-0014A-R7, 33-0014A-R8, 9936-100412A, 9936-100093F, MAS-WH3-120, MAS-WH3-120-D1 and MAS-WH3-120-NW-HQ3, 33-0014A-R7, 33-0014A-R8, 9911-500082 (Icon HT-600), 3-60-5050

This item comes with a one month limited warranty.

When selecting your spa circuit board, it’s critical that you go by part numbers and not appearances. The part number on a spa circuit board can be found on a white sticker located directly on the circuit board. Buy based on this part number. Do NOT purchase a hot tub circuit board just because it looks the same as the one you’re replacing. Spa circuit boards can look identical, but be programmed differently to work with different spa controllers and topside panels.


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