SpaGuts CY6200 Spa Controller Kit w/Topside IN.K200, 5.5KW HTR, Wifi Enabled

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In stock

SpaGuts brand CY Series Electronic Spa Controller Kit, Wifi Enabled, Model CY6200, is powered by Gecko Aeware, and offers an upgraded 2 year warranty instead of the standard 1 year warranty provided by many other brands. It includes an IN.K200-2OP Topside Panel, and a Fixed 5.5KW Flo-Thru Heater. Advanced electronics! WIFI control from your iPhone! Color-Coded Connections to help eliminate component plug-in errors.

An option only available from SpaGuts, the CY Series is available Factory Configured to your exact specifications or as a Retrofit Kit that is easily field configured at the time of installation. Competitors only offer controllers as a Retrofit "do it yourself kits" without the time saving Factory Configuration optionally available by SpaGuts. Factory Configuration includes set-up and bench testing of Internal component circuits to work with your existing pump, blower, and ozone so you don't have to do any internal wiring or programming, making your controller plug and play right out of the box. Best value for most installers; saves time and prevents costly installation errors.

This controller operates on 110/220V 60Hz (220V requires 4-wire service). The SpaGuts brand CS6200 controller is equipped with Gecko Aeware Pressure Switch technology, which is the original and reliable water flow detection, and also have a lower replacement cost.

SpaGuts P/N: 11-150-6204


  • Power Supply 110/220V 60Hz
  • Pump 1 Circuit, 2 Speed, 110V/220V, 15A Max
  • Blower Circuit, 1 Speed, 110V/220V, 8A Max
  • Ozone Circuit, 110V/220V, 5A Max
  • Topside Connection, C1
  • Communication Links, CO
  • Light, 12V, 12W (1 Intensity), 1A Max


  • SpaGuts CY6200H-U-WP Controller with 5.5KW Flo-thru Heater
  • IN.K200-2OP Topside Panel, 4-Button, 10ft Cable, 0607-008001
  • IN.K200-GE1 Topside Overlay, 4-Button, 9916-101030
  • Pump 1 Cord, Red Plug, 2-Speed, 14 AWG, 4-Wire, 4ft, 15-100-1115
  • Light Cable with Socket, 8ft, 40-150-1515
  • Hi-Limit and Temperature Sensor Pre-Mounted on Heater
  • Light Bulb, Clear, 12V 12W, 40-175-9912
  • Pair of 2.0 inch Heater Split Nuts, Heater Tailpieces and O-ring Gaskets
  • Supplemental Installation Instructions (Included and also available online. See Tabs Above)
  • Owners Operation Guide
  • Installation Instructions
  • Topside Panel Template

*NOTE: The Blower (Purple) and Ozone (Yellow) Cords are sold separately. See below for discounted add-on price (If Needed).


  • 110V or 220V (Requires 2 Hots, Neutral and Ground
  • The 5.5KW Hi-Flo Heater requires a Minimum of 25 GPM of Water Flow, and Minimum 1.5-inch Plumbing


  • Advanced electronics!
  • In.put - New Input Terminal Bloc - In.put was designed to ease wire insertion (up to # 4 AWG) and connections. Tighter input connection reduces heat generated for increased component lifetime.
  • In.stik - Automated Software Upload - In.stik a pen drive with an connector very similar to a USB memory stick. It connects to the CY System and contains data to program or configure its system. The CY System executes the data upload automatically.
  • Pressure Switch Protected - Water pressure is monitored by the pressure switch to help prevent the heater element from overheating.
  • Field-Serviceable Parts - The CY Series provides easy access to the controller board for all maintenance and replacement requirements. Each component circuit can also be field configured from 110V to 220V, or from 220V to 110V.
  • UL Recognized and ETL Approved for your safety
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty

Auxiliary Topside Panel (Sold Separately):

  • IN.K120-3OP Auxiliary Topside Panel, 0607-005019

Add the optional IN.K120-3OP Auxiliary Topside Panel for additional control from the other side of the spa! Controls up to 3 pumps, and a light. It comes with a 20ft cable, and plugs into one of the CO ports on the main circuit board.

WIFI Optional (Sold Separately):

  • iPhone App! Control your spa from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod!

Add the optional IN.TOUCH 2 RF Interface Module, P/N 0608-521020, download one of the iPhone Apps, and use your iPhone, iPad, iPod or computer to control your Gecko IN.YE Controller remotely! Also works with Android! The Gecko IN.YE Controller we have in stock are pre-program with the software capable of WIFI control. Imagine the possibility of being able to monitor your spa and control it remotely within in your wifi network with the Home App, or do it all remotely from across country with the World App using the internet. The wifi App also allows you to set all your Economy and Filtration Cycles through your phone (iPod, iPad or computer), with precision that goes to the minutes! Basically Amazing!!!


  • (*iPhone, iPad, iPod and computer are not included)

Dimensions (Approx.):

  • Controller: 12.5 inch L x 10.5 inch H x 4.5 inch W
  • Heater: 15 inch L x 2 inch Diameter
  • Topside Panel: 4.75 inch L x 1.7 inch W

This controller kit is also a replacement option for the following Gecko Controllers: 10-150-1485 (SpaGuts CS Series), 0202-205037 (S-Class with TSC-9 or TSC-18 Topside Panel), 0202-205212 (S-Class with TSC-9 or TSC-18 Topside Panel), BDLSCTSC9, 0202-205038 (S-Class with TSC-9 or TSC-18 Topside Panel), 3-72-7079 (S-Class with TSC-9 or TSC-18 Topside Panel), 0202-205013 (S-Class with TSC-9 or TSC-18 Topside Panel), 0202-205016 (S-Class with TSC-9 or TSC-18 Topside Panel), 0202-205163 (S-Class, 4.0KW, Amp Connectors), 3-72-7021 (S-Class with TSC-9 or TSC-18 Topside Panel, 4.0KW), 3-72-7034 (S-Class, 4.0KW), 0202-205034 (4.0KW), PS6502HS24, PS6502, PS6502HS60, 58-355-3300, 58-355-3306, 58-355-3310, 58-355-3312, 58-355-3342, 58-355-3372, 58-355-3376, 3-72-7014 (S-Class, 4.0KW), 0610-100004-000 circuit board, 33-0041 circuit board

This controller is also available as a Spa Pack. It includes the controller, a pump and an optional blower. Click here to configure a Spa Pack

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