724. Are your spa ozone units rated for koi ponds and aquariums?

We don't recommend our Spa Ozone Units for koi ponds and aquarium applications. Spa Ozone Units are meant for outdoor applications, temporary soaking with plenty of ventilation. We have never tested our Spa Ozone Units for koi ponds and aquarium application, and they are too strong for those application. It will be on your own risk and liability for using a spa ozone for koi ponds and aquarium application. For indoor rated sanitizers, koi ponds and aquarium application, we have the Ultraviolet Sanitizing System. Water flows through the unit, and UV light shines directly onto the water passing through. The unit provides an ensuring undiminished bateria, virus, and parasite killing power of up to 99%. NOTE: Due to constant change in the water, testing of the water regularly will help determine what extra additives are needed. If you are interested, please let us know what is the desired voltage (110V or 220V), the water volume and the maximum water flow rate. We have three models available for water volumes ranging from 100 to 40,000 gallons, and from maximum water flow rate of 6 to 200 GPM. Your response to our questions will help determine the exact model, price and availability.
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