36. How do I remove/install SpaGuts heater element?

To remove the Heater Element and install new one. 1. Before proceeding, make sure the power is off and the water is drained out of the heater manifold. It is best to perform this job if the controller is removed from the spa. 2. Close all gate valves and drain water out of the heater metal tube, or remove water from the spa. If the spa water is bad and out of balance that caused the original heater element to go bad, completely drain the spa and start with fresh new tap water. 3. Unscrew the Black Split Nut connected to the heater manifold and move the plumbing lines. You should now be able to view the heater element inside the heater manifold (stainless steel metal tube). 4. Remove the controller box from the spa. Open up the control box faceplate by removing the 2 screws that hold it in place. The remove the two cables connected to the heater terminals using a 3/8-inch wrench to unscrew the nuts. Use a 1/4-inch open wrench to hold the inner heater terminals nut so it doesn't move while unscrewing the nut that holds the cable to the heater terminals. 5. Remove the heater manifold from the controller by losening the two nuts that holds the manifold onto the controller. This will make it easilier to remove the heater element. 6. Remove the two large 3/4-inch nuts that holds down the heater element onto the heater manifold. 7. Push heater element prongs down and slide the element out the side of the manifold. To reinstall follow the directions in reverse order - with all the power OFF.
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