145. Inconsistent heat on old spa.

Spas tend to lose heat when the spa system gets old or is not well maintained. In order for a spa to heat properly, it must have a good heat pump, heater, sensors and controller. The heat pump has to maintain good water flow in order for the controller to turn on the heater and keep it on until the spa is heated up to temperature. The heater element has to be in good working condition in order for it to heat up the water. The sensors also need to function properly in order to allow the controller and heater to maintain the correct water temperature. Typical problem with a spa not maintaining heat is due to a bad pump, controller, sensors or heater. Make sure these components are operating according to the maufacturer's specifications. Otherwise one of these parts, or it can be multiple parts that is considered to be bad. If the controller is not supplying the correct power to the heater, it is possible that the pump, sensors or controller is bad and may need to be replaced. If there is correct power to the heater, then it's possible that the heater is bad. Normally the pump will continue to run all the time for this situation. You can try to replace the part(s) that you think is bad to see if it will fix the problem. But if the spa is at least 5 years old, we highly recommend replacing the entire Spa Controller and/or Pump. A New Spa Controller Kit will include a Heater, Topside Panel and Sensors. A New Pump includes the Motor. If the spa is more than 8 years old, it's best to just replace with a New Spa Controller Kit and Pump, which is also known as a Spa Pack. Contact us if you need a new replacement pump, heater, sensors, spa controller or a complete spa pack.
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