820. Old Spa Topside Panel is now displaying the FLO error message (Non-SpaGuts Parts)

If your Spa Topside Panel is displaying the FLO error message, the spa will NOT heat. Error messages will stop the heater from being activated. The FLO error message stands for LOW or NO water flow through the heater. When the pump is running and there is low water flowing through the heater, the flow error message will appear. If the system is calling for the heater and pump to come on and the pump is NOT running, the flow error code will also appear. The primary heat pump needs to be running and provide constant strong water flow through the heater and out the jets in order to allow the heater to come on. The heater either have a built-in pressure switch, a flow switch within the plumbing or sensors that detects the water flow. If the primary heat pump is not providing enough water flow through the heater, the system will not allow the heater to come on. This prevents the heater from going into over heat and burning itself out. NOTE: Pumps that are NOT plumbed to the heater will not trigger the FLO error code. Therefore they do not need to be running to troubleshoot the FLO error code. If the primary heat pump does run with strong water pressure out of the jets, the problem may be the pressure switch, flow switch, sensors or the circuit board. Check to see if these parts are operating properly based on the manufacturer's specifications. Replace the part(s) that is considered to be bad. If the primary heat pump does run, but with low water pressure out of the jets, the problem may be an Air Lock in the plumbing or a problem with the pump. If there is an Air Lock, bleed air out of the plumbing (Consult with the Spa Manufacturer and/or Spa Tech on how to get rid of the Air Lock). It's also possible that the pump is bad or not getting the correct voltage to operate properly. Verify voltage to the pump motor. If incorrect voltage is being supplied to the pump motor, the spa controller may be bad and needs to be repaired or replaced. If there is correct voltage to the pump motor, then you should consider replacing the complete pump and motor. You can try to replace the part(s) that you think is bad to see if it will fix the problem. But if the spa is at least 5 years old, we highly recommend replacing the entire Spa Controller and/or Pump. A New Spa Controller Kit will include a Heater, Topside Panel and Sensors. A New Pump includes the Motor. If the spa is more than 8 years old, it's best to just replace with a New Spa Controller Kit and Pump, which is also known as a Spa Pack. Contact us if you need a new replacement pump, spa controller or a complete spa pack.
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