475. PayPal Payment Information

PAYPAL PAYMENT If you would like to use other types of credit cards to make a payment other than a VISA or MASTER CARD for an order, you can process the payment through PayPal. This also applies to making "Split Payments" (Either making payments with multiple credit cards or payments on different dates). You can go to the following link to make the payment through PayPal: www.paypal.com Since you have requested payment via PayPal, please be aware of any delays. It may take up to 2-5 business days before payment is approved and to send an order confirmation. This will also delay your shipment. Your order will not ship until full payment is verified and the order is approved. Before we proceed with PayPal payment option, we will need your Full Name, Shipping Address, Telephone Number, and Email Address. We will then create an Order Number with these information so you can use the Order Number as a Reference for your PayPal payment. We will also provide you with the total dollar amount you'll need to make payment through PayPal. (NOTE: There is a minimum of $100 purchase amount in order for our company to accept a PayPal payment. Unless a lower amount is approved by company management.) *PayPal payment is to be made out to "sales@spas2order.com". And use the Order Number that is provided for your Reference. **DO NOT make the payment out to SpaGuts.com. Doing so will just delay the process of you having to cancel the payment, and making the payment again using the correct pay to name. ***Once you are ready, contact us for the correct information to make a PayPal payment. Once you have made a PayPal payment and received a confirmation from PayPal, contact SpaGuts.com representative via email or by calling 714-764-0013 to inform us that you have made a PayPal payment. Then we can notify our accounting department to verify our PayPal Account for payment status. Keep in mind that a "Pending" Status will not be a payment confirmation. Once full payment is verified, an order confirmation will be emailed to you. Your order will then be ready to ship within the following 1-2 business days after your order is approved. Note that special orders will require a longer lead time.
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