565. Replacement Electronic Controller for a Cal Spa.

There are a lot of Cal Spas Controllers out there with different options. Therefore please answer the following questions, so we would know which controller would best fit your needs: 1) We can check on availability for the Cal Spas version circuit board or Control Box if you provide us with the serial number and model number of the spa. This is if you would like a direct replacement from Cal Spas. 2) If you would like a different replacement, we carry SpaGuts brands, Gecko brand and Balboa brand spa controller kits. If you would like to go this route, please provide us with the following information: A. Where is the heater located on the old control box? Right at the bottom of the control box? Behind the control box? On top of the control box? On the side of the control box? Remotely from the control box? B. What type of heater is it? A Flo-Thru Heater with 1.5" or 2.0" plumbing, or a Low-Flo Heater with 3/4" or 1.0" plumbing? And what is the dimension of the heater from metal end to metal end? C. How many water jet pumps in the spa? And are any a dual speed, or single speed? Note that a small circulation pump is separate. D. Is there an air blower? It sounds like a vacuum cleaner when turned on, and makes eruption of bubbling water. The blower will have one pipe line connected to it, either 1.5" or 2.0", since it only blows air into the pipe line. Some spas do not have air blowers installed, and instead, they use air diverter valves to bring in air through the pipes and out of the jets creating champagne bubble effects while the water pump is running (also known as the air venturi line). E. Is there a small circulation pump? And does it flow water through the heater? What size plumbing for the small circulation pump? F. Is there only one small 12V light inside the spa? Or is it rated 110V? G. Is there fiber optic lights, or perimeter lights around the spa (inside and outside)? H. What is the dimension of the original main topside panel? And is there an auxiliary topside panel? Get back to us with your answers either by phone or responding to this email, so we can help you with replacement options.
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