351. Sales: Do you sell only the circuit board?

Yes, we do sell replacement circuit boards. But we really don't recommend replacing just the circuit board. There are a lot of problems that we have seen when only replacing the circuit board. These problems consist of improper installation and mis-wiring that can cause a fire, electrocution or an explosion. Loose connections and improper mounting are also one of the major problems. Therefore we recommend our customers to replace with a New Controller Kit that has the circuit board pre-installed and pre-wired to reduce major mis-wiring. It also comes with a new heater and topside panel that will work properly with the unit. The pre-assembled controller is UL, ETL, and CSA approved for safe commercial and home use. If you decide to go with just the replacement circuit board, here is the information needed to help locate the correct replacement circuit board. 1) Identify the Manufacturer's Name of the circuit board. Popular requests on replacement circuit boards are normally made by either "Gecko" or "Balboa". These names will be imprinted on the circuit board. 2) In order to locate the correct replacement circuit board, identify the Part Number and Model Number off a White Sticker located directly on the circuit board or on one of the onboard components. Below are two samples: a. GECKO circuit boards: Look for the ID number that is located on a white label off the circuit board (not from the sensors or heater). It may also be the ID number from the label off the controller box (either it's located on the top, in front, or off to the side of the box). The number should start with 3-64-XXXX, or 3-72-XXXX, or 0202-XXXXXX, or 0201-XXXXXX. b. BALBOA circuit boards: Look for the S/N (serial number) that is located on a white label with bar code off the circuit board (not from the sensors or heater). The S/N number should start with the number "5" (it may look like a 6, but is actually a 5). There may be *** (stars) within the serial number. The white label with bar code may appear on the top or side of the black relays, directly on the circuit board, or on the side of the transformer (only if it is mounted on the board). The replacement circuit board can also be searched by the Chip Number on the circuit board, or by the S/N off the top of the controller box; but the S/N off the circuit board would be the best number. *Once you have identified the correct part number, you can then enter that part number in our "Search Site" box that is located on the top left hand corner of the SpaGuts.com website, and press "GO". Our website should then provide the Replacement Circuit Board and/or other Replacement Options for you to review, add to cart, and then checkout to order. **If no replacement is found for your search, it is possible that the circuit board may not be available, and a replacement Spa Controller Kit would be the next replacement option as a retrofit. Or that part number may not yet be updated on our SpaGuts.com website. PLEASENOTE: If your control box is more than a few years old, it might be time to replace the whole controller vs. individual components. Not only are the internal components expensive, but in my experience once one thing goes on an old controller, other components are close behind. Our control kits starts at $439.95* for Pneumatic and $409.95* for electronic, delivered and are completely universal and work with any spa. Our control boxes include a heater and topside control. If your other equipment is more than 8 years old then I would also consider replacing the whole pack which offers discounts from buying the components separately. A complete pack includes the controller, heater, motor, pump, blower, light kit and topside control. A Factory Assembled spa pack is pre-plumbed, pre-wired, mounted to a skid and ready to install with just 4 connections you will be sure to be enjoying your spa in no time. Our spa packs starts at $779.95 for Pneumatic, and $829.95* for Electronic. Each spa pack has a 2-year manufacturers warranty. Shipping is always Free in the Continental USA. Click here for details and pricing updates*: www.spaguts.com

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