925. Sales: Spa Pack for a Cedar or Wooden Hot Tub

For a Cedar Hot Tub, you can go with our Standard Spa Pack with a 1.0HP Pump. No Air Blower. Check out the links below. NOTE that the our Spa Packs are indoor rated, therefore it needs to be protected from Rain, Sand and Flood. The Spa Pack also needs to be mounted below the top of the water level. 1) Link to see our SpaGuts VS Series Electronic Spa Pack for $599.95: https://www.spaguts.com/SpaGuts-VS-Electronic-SpaPack.aspx 2) Link to see our SpaGuts Pneumatic Spa Pack for $589.99: https://www.spaguts.com/PneumaticSpaPacks.aspx 3) Link to see our 20-350-1016 Top Load Filter System for $109.95: https://www.spaguts.com/Products/waterway-top-load-filter-system-137.aspx 4) Link to see our 35-450-0010 Ozone Unit for Water Purification: https://www.spaguts.com/Products/del-apg-u-ozonator-kit-dual-voltage-with-amp-cord-4829.aspx 5) Link to see our 35-300-1120 Inline Bypass Kit for Ozone: https://www.spaguts.com/Products/inline-bypass-kit-for-ozone-41.aspx **How thick is your hot tub? This way we can recommend Jets and Drain Fittings.
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