543. Spa is over heating.

You have reported that the spa is overheating. Please go through the following to troubleshoot: - If the pump is running on high speed during the heat and filtration cycles, the pump motor will overheat and also cause the spa water to heat up higher than the set temperature. Make sure to swap the low and high speed wires at the back of the pump motor so that it runs on low and high speed during the heat and filtration cycles. - Some spa controllers requires mounting the temperature sensor in a thermowell that's either located on the spa shell, the plumbing or on the heater. If a temperature sensor is required to be mounted in a thermowell, make sure the temperature sensor is properly seated inside the thermowell. And make sure the temperature sensor does not get in contact with outside air. Outside air temperature will allow the the temperature sensor to detect a lower temperature reading, which will then make the controller to continue heating and cause an overheat. Foam up the thermowell to stop air from getting to the temperature sensor. Note that there are some temperature sensors that cannot get wet. These sensors can go bad and allow the spa to overheat. - During the summer time, outside air temperature can get really hot. The combination of hot air, the pump running and the heater coming on, can also cause the spa to overheat. If outside temperature is hotter than the set temperature for the spa, the spa water will not cool down. Drain some hot water, and add cool water to cool down the water temperature. - If the jet pump is running for a very long time, the pump motor will get hot and also cause the spa water to overheat. Try lowering the filtration cycle to 2 or 3 hours per day during the summer time (but make sure the filtration cycle is adequate for the spa needs). - If the spa is still overheating, there may be other problems. Contact tech support for more information.
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