227. Support: Air button and air tubing connection on Spaguts Pneumatic Controllers.

To operate the high speed pump, blower and light, the air buttons and air tubing that are provided needs to be connected to the air switch on the pneumatic control box. Air Buttons: Mount the air buttons on the topside of the spa. One air button is for one component operation (Pump, Bower, Light, etc.). Drill a 1-3/8 inch hole for each air button to fit. Slip the air button through the pre-drilled hole, and tighten the nut to secure. Silicone may be used around the air button flange to help protect from water leaking through. Tospide Command Center: If a Topside Command Center is purchase, follow instructions provided with the device for mounting. Silicone and/or mounting screws may be used as an extra water sealant and/or support. Only use the air buttons on the Topside Command Center to control the spa pump(s), blower and light. Use 1/8 inch air tubing at max length of 10 feet. Or use 1/16 inch air tubing at max length of 25 feet. Exceeding the maximum length of air tubing will decrease air pressure going to the air switch. If using a 1/16 inch air tubing, heat up the tubing a little bit at the end so it becomes soft, which will allow the tubing to expand a bit to be able to be inserted in the nipple fittings of the air buttons and air switches. One end of the air tubing should be inserted onto the nipple fitting of the air button. The other end of the air tubing should be inserted into the nipple fitting of the air switch located on the side of the controller box. No screw-on fittings needed. Just insert the air tubing into the nipple fittings. Push the air tubing in all the way, and make sure it's a tight and snug connection. The air tubing should stay and should not come loose. If any air button is not turning on the jets, blower, or light, make sure the air tubings are connected from the back of the air button to the controller air switch. Each air switch are labeled for each component such as pump1, pump2 (if applicable), blower, and light. We recommend using the new air buttons and air tubing provided to ensure compatibilty. If any circuit is not being used, leave the air switch and component cord unplugged. Also do not tee in two air buttons onto one air switch. It will not work. When pressing the air button for the designated air switch, the air switch should make a clicking sound. If you don't here the air switch click, it is possible that the air tubing is too long, the air button is not providing enough air, or the air switch went bad. Make sure there is no water in the air tubing. If water gets into the air switch, it will go bad. If the air switch does click and the designated component does not turn on with the power on, check loose wiring connections or if the fuse is blown. Also check the Hi-Limit (Overheat Protection) Switch to see if it has tripped. If the air switch still does not make a clicking sound, try swapping the air tubing from an air switch that is working. This will help determine where the problem stands.
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