531. Support: Balboa VS500Z and VS501Z Filter cycle settings

The first filter cycle begins 6 minutes after the spa is energized. The second filter cycle begins 12 hours later. Filter duration is programmable for 2, 4, 6, 8 hours or for continuous filtration (indicated by Fc). The default filter time is 2 hours.To program, press Temp or Set, then Jets. Press Temp or Set to adjust. Press Jets to exit programming. At the beginning of each filter cycle the blower purges for 30 seconds; the pump purges for 5 minutes. For Circulation Systems: the cir circ pump and ozone generator (if installed) run 24hrs. In hot enviroments, the circ pump may turn off for 30 minute periods, except diring filter cycles. For Non-circ Systems: The low speed pump 1 and the ozone generator (if installed) run during filtration.
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