307. Support: Burnt smell inside the control box.

If you notice a burnt smell coming from inside the control box, power down the spa right away. Then have a Spa Technician or an Electrician to check the following: - Verify to make sure if the burnt smell is coming from the spa controller. The burnt smell may be from other external components like the pump, blower, ozone, light, GFCI box, main power panel from the hous, etc.. - If the burnt smell is from the spa controller, then open up the controller cover to verify any burnt parts. There may be loose wires or components that may have burnt out or melted. Contact us if you see a loose wire or burnt components. - Check to make sure the power lines wired into the controller are properly connected and tighten down. Loose wires in a wire nut or in a terminal block will cause sparks and melt or burn the wire. Sometimes it may affect a component. Burnt wires or components caused by loose wire connections will affect the warranty. - Using smaller gauge wires than what is required will also cause the wire or components to burn up. Check to make sure proper wire gauges are used to supply power to the spa. Using incorrect wire gauge will affect the warranty. - If water gets into the controller, it will short out wires and/or internal components. Make sure water did not get into the controller. If so, warranty is affected. - If something inside the controller is adjusted or relocated, let us know what was done. We can help recommend the correct adjustments. Improper adjustments will affect the warranty. Let us know your findings.
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