171. Support: FLO or 3 blinking dots error code. (CS CY Series)

If the Topside Panel for the CS and CY Series Controller is now displaying 3 blinking dots or FLO error message on the topside display, the spa will not heat. The FLO or 3 blinking dots error message stands for Flow Open or Pressure Switch Open. When the primary heat pump is running and there is low water pressure flowing through the heater, the flow error message will appear. Or if the system is calling for the pump to come on and the pump is NOT running, the error code will also appear. The heater has a built-in pressure switch that detects high pressure water flow, factory set at 1.5 PSI. If not enough water pressure is flowing through the heater, the system will not allow the heater to come on. This prevents the heater from going into over heat and burning itself out. This pressure switch is only a water pressure detector, not a water pressure adjuster. DO NOT ADJUST the pressure switch without our instructions. Please answer the following questions: - Are you able to run the primary heat pump in low and high speed? This is the pump that is plumbed to the heaer. If not, then you have a wiring problem. Have an Electrician check your wiring. Also make sure all fuses are checked. Replace with exact same fuse rating. If fuses are good and there is correct power supplied to the pump motor, then the problem is within the pump motor. Have the pump motor inspected. NOTE: In some case, the power wires may be loose or damaged. Check the power wiring again to ensure that they are all secured properly. Have an electrician verify that correct voltage is supplied, the power wires are in good condition and connections are secured properly. Maybe the GFCI breaker or main panel breaker is bad or have bad contacts. - Make sure the motor cord is properly plugged into the Controller receptacle. Also make sure the wire connections on the back of the motor is not loose. Make sure the motor cord is not damaged or broken. There are a few ocassions where a motor cord may have gone bad. So verify that there is correct power supplied directly to the back of the motor terminals. - If you are able to run the pump in both low and high speed: Then on high speed, are you able to get strong constant water pressure through the jets? If not, there is air in the water lines. If you did not relocate the spa components, contact us for an Air Bleeding Guide. If you did relocate components on the spa pack, give us a call to tell us what you did. - If you are able to run the pump in high speed and have strong jet flow with the FLO error code, give us a call. A pressure switch can be opened all the time if there is air and water mixture in the plumbing line. Sometimes it can be caused by debris inside the heater. Do you clean your filter every 2 weeks, and change it every 3 months? If not, then this is the original cause of the problem. The last resort which is very rare to happen, is that the pressure switch would have gone bad. When the pump is running on low or high speed with strong water output through the jets, there shouldn't be any error message. A pressure switch can be open all the time caused by debris inside the heater making it stay open or close. The problem is typically caused by floating debrises (small leaves, trigs, dirt, sand pebbles, build-up dust) or chemical build-ups inside the heater. This can allow the pressure diaphram to get stuck. Make sure to clean the filter every 2 weeks, and change it every 3 months. Make sure the water chemistry is well mixed and maintained. The spa tub is also recommended to be drained and cleaned every 6 to 12 months (depending on usuage and maintenance). If this is not done regularly, the floating debrises, unmixed chemicals, or water slimes can cause the pressure switch to temporarily or perminently malfunction. The pressure switch may have also been adjusted to a lower setting during installation or within operation period. Let us know if that is the case, so we can help with proper adjustments. (PLEASE let us know if the pressure switch have been adjusted). *NOTE: For initial installation of a SpaGuts brand Controller or Spa Pack, make sure to follow the plumbing instructions provided or flow error codes will appear. If you are not able to clear the flow error codes, contact Tech Support at Spaguts.com.
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