610. Support: Functions of an air venturi valve or a water diverter valve.

Turn dials that are located on the topside of the spa with PVC plumbing going to them are known as air venturi or water diverter valves. These are part of the spa features, not part of the control system. Their functions are either to increase or decrease jet pressure, turn on/off water flowing through certain jets, or to create air venturi effects which provides bubbles through the jets. Water may be seen on their PVC plumbing. They only work when the corresponding pump(s) is running and pushing water out of the jets (the pump that is inline with the plumbing for these valves). If nothing happens, it's possible that the corresponding pump(s) is not running, there is an air lock in the plumbing, there is debris inside the plumbing, or the valves are broken. Consult with field spa tech for help with this, since it needs a visual and phsyical inspection. If the plumbing for these valves are leaking water, the leak will need to be fixed. If water is coming out of the valves/dial, they will need to be replaced. Unfortunately, we don't carry these type of valves.
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