726. Support: Heatmax is tripping the GFCI breaker.

If the heatmax is tripping the GFCI breaker, please check the following to troubleshoot. 1) Make sure a Spa rated GFCI is being used. 2) Verify that 10-AWG wires are being used for the power supply. 3) Check for loose wire connections, and over heated wires inside the controller box. 4) Check for any water leaks inside the heater box. Water infiltration will create a short. Also check for water leak within the heater metal housing (stainless steal tube). If water is leaking at the large heater jam nuts, it may just need to be tighten some more. If water is leaking from the heater post, then the heater has gone bad. 5) Check to see if the heater element has grounded out. If the heater unit is still installed with water inside the heater metal housing, check resistance with an ohm meter between each heater post to the heater metal housing. If the heater unit is already removed from the hot tub, check resistance between each heater post to the heater element coil from the inside of the heater metal housing. A. If there are any resistance reading, then the heater element is shorting to ground. B. If there are no resistance reading, then it is something else. Let us know if an RMA is needed for the heater unit to be returned for warranty service.
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