362. Support: How to determine if the pressure switch on SpaGuts controller is working properly.

The Pressure Switch is a pressure sensor that detects high water flow, factory set at 1.5 PSI. The pressure switch is screwed into the heater to sense water pressure inside the heater metal tube. If not enough water pressure is flowing through the heater, the system will not allow the heater to come on. This prevents the heater from going into overheat and burning itself out. This pressure switch is only a water pressure detector, not a water pressure adjuster. Pressure switches are used with high flow heaters. Therefore, a pump must discharge water through the heater. If the pump is drawing water from the heater, there isn't enough pressure. A pressure switch turns on when there is enough pressure (strong water flow). It turns off when the pressure is too low (low water flow or water is not flowing). In order for a pressure switch to work properly, there must be a minimum of 25 GPM of water flow. This means the pump installed on the heater must output at least 25 GPM. Never adjust a pressure switch to operate with a low flow pump. False signal can burn out the heater, cause the water to overheat, or cause a fire. - How did you determined that the pressure switch is not working? - If you have adjusted the pressure switch, what is the PSI setting that you have adjusted it to? - Do you have strong water flow out of the jets when the pump is running in high speed? - If there is strong water pressure out of the jets, the pressure switch will activate allowing continuity across the pressure switch terminal posts. Once the pump stops running or there is low water pressure, the pressure switch will deactivate allowing no continuity across it's two terminal post. A voltmeter or ohmmeter is required for testing. Let us know your findings. If you are sure the pressure switch is not working properly after the test mentioned above, contact us for an RMA to authorize the return of the controller for inspection.
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