480. Support: Is it OK that my new spa motor is running hot, but does not overheat?

It would be absolutely OK if the shell temp measures even 160 F. These motors have been tested and certified in strict accordance to the UL and CSA requirement. What matters is the winding temperature ( not detectable to you from the outside of the motor). Thermal overload actuates based on winding temperature and has not much to do with the shell temperature. If the motor overheats, it will turn itself off. That is when we have a problem with the motor. If exchanging for a new pump, the new pump will also run hot. AO Smith Spa Motors are designed to run hot. Customer just have to monitor the spa to see if the motor goes into overheat. A thermal overload switch inside the motor will turn the motor off to allow the motor to cool. Indications of an overheated motor is from the motor labels changing to a dark-ish brown color. NOTE: When a jet pump is runinng on high speed, do not allow to run for more than 20-30 mniutes continuously. Allow the pump motor to cool for at least 10 minutes before turning the jets back on again. Continoursly running the jet pump on high speed for more than 20 minutes will cause the motor to run hot and may go into overheat. Many spa controllers will have a 20-30 minute time off for the pump high speed. It is also not recommended for bathers to stay in the hot tub for more than 20 minutes each use. NOTE: Make sure to provide adequate ventilation to prevent motor overheating. Motor hot air exhaust must be able to escape motor compartment. As long as the ambient temperature and sufficient ventilation is maintained ,and the thermal protector does not actuate and you can expect a long lasting motor operation , even if you measure 160 F on the shell. If the pump motor starts to overheat (turns itself off within a short period of time), contact SpaGuts tech support.
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