569. Support: Rotating the pump discharge on a Vico Pump that has a locking plate.

To rotate or clock the pump discharge on a Vico Pump that has a locking plate, please see the following: The pump come from the factory with the discharge pointing "UP" for shipping, but they can be turned or what is called "clocked" into any position (12, 3, 9 or 6 o'clock position). NOTE that these instructions are meant for professional installers. - First remove the back plastic motor cover (if installed), then loosen four long screws from the back of the motor. - Then remove the 5 bolts from the pump wet end face plate, in front of the pump. Carefully remove the pump wet end faceplate, and keep in mind that the internal grove of the faceplate needs to be aligned with the groove of the pump wet end volute. These grooves need to be aligned when reinstalled for proper water flow and functionality. Improper removal and installation will cause problems and also affect the warranty. - Then loosen the pump impellar a bit to allow the pump wet end volute to be able to come off the locking plate. Use a flat head screw driver to hold onto the motor shaft from the back of the motor to keep the shaft from spining, and then loosen the impellar by turning it counter-clockwise. - Then rotate the pump wet end volute to the desired rotation that is available. Temporarily put on the pump wet end faceplate to make sure the desired position is met. Once verified, remove the faceplate, set the volute in the locking position, tighten the impellar, attach the faceplate back on, and tighten all bolts and screws (do not overtighten). *Make sure to properly align the pump wet end assembly, screws and bolts to avoid water leaks and failures.
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