506. Support: Small Glass 750mA 250V (F4) fuse keeps on blowing.

Regarding the Small Glass 750mA 250V (F4) fuse keeps on blowing, the problem may be the following: - Loose Fuse. If the (F4) fuse is loose, it can overheat and blow out. Turn off the power to the spa, remove the (F4) fuse, pinch in the fuse holder, and then install a good fuse. (Make sure the same exact fuse is used. Installing the wrong fuse will cause the fuse to blow out, or cause a damage to the circuit board or corresponding components) - Mis-wire. The (F4) fuse will blow if there is a mis-wire. It's possible that a hot line wire is installed on the Neutral terminal. Check the incoming power lines from the main breaker panel to the GFCI breaker, and then to the spa. Correct the the in coming power wires. It is also possible that one of the breaker shorted out causing the Neutral wire to pair with one of the Hot lines. - Failed Transformer. The onboard transformer may have short out. This will cause the fuse to blow. Either the transformer is defective, shorted out by a mis-wire, or water infiltrated the circuit board and transformer. A new transformer can be ordered from SpaGuts.com. - Water infiltration. If water got on the circuit board and transformer, both parts may short out and also cause the (F4) fuse to blow. Electrical parts damaged by water infiltration are not repairable, and are not covered under warranty. Replacement required. If you would like help ordering parts or request an RMA to authorize the return for inspection, contact us at 714-764-0013.
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