774. Support: Spa Blower is too strong for my spa or hot tub.

If the spa blower is too strong, or providing an over powering of air pressure, you have the following options: 1) Purchase a lower horse power blower (if available) to replace the existing blower. 2) Install a 3-way ball valve on the air line. You can adjust the ball valve to decrease the air supply to the spa or hot tub. Make sure to use a 3-way, not a 2-way ball valve. The 3-way ball valve will allow some air to escape through the opening side depending on the adjustment of the ball valve. 3) Or drill a small hole on the air line to allow some air to escape out of the pipe. Start with a small hole, and gradually increase the hole side until you get the air flow reduction that is needed. NOTE that there should be no water in the pipe line where the 3-way ball valve or hole drilling is located. This is typically located on the pipe line closer to the spa blower.
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