481. Support: The Glued Plumbing Configuration will not align up to the Pump and Heater on a Spa Pack.

Regarding the Glued Plumbing Configuration that we provided not connecting up to the Pump and Heater, the Pump and Controller may have shifted during the shipping transition not allowing the Glued Plumbing Configuration to fit anymore. (Boxes in a shipping courier's truck will jump up and down, side to side, and may even drop which may alter parts within the box). HOW TO FIX: Remove all screws that holds down the Controller and Pump. Make sure to note where the long and shorts screws are previously installed. Now that the Controller and Pump can move around, align them and install the Glued Plumbing Configuration with Gasket and O-Ring that was provided. Then remount the Controller and Pump with the screws and washers that were previously removed. Make sure to install the long and short screws in the correct location.
Categories: Technical Support Before Purchase Questions
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