866. Support: Transferring a cord from an old motor to a new motor.

Note that ALL motors with different models and/or brand will have different wiring diagrams. Therefore you will need to check the wiring diagrams from both old and new motors before performing the wiring on the new motor. This will help to avoid mis-wiring. Check the wiring diagram on the old motor. There should be a label on the side of the motor that shows a wiring diagram. This wiring diagram identifies which terminal connection on the back of the motor is for Line/Common, Low Speed, and High Speed. Normally the Ground or the Green Wire always go to the Green Screw or to the motor chassis. FOR EXAMPLE: Look at the wiring diagram on the old motor to see which terminal connection is for the High Speed. It may give you a number or a letter to reference to. Now go to the back of the old motor to locate that number or letter that was provided from the old motor wiring diagram. Then check to see which colored wire is connected to that terminal that shows that number or letter. You will then mark that colored wire the High Speed. Next is to go to the new motor wiring diagram. That new motor wiring diagram should provide another number or letter where to connect that High Speed wire on the back of the new motor. (Repeat this same procedure for the Low Speed and Line/Common connections) USA Motor Wiring for a Spa Controller: Normally the Red and Black wires are used for the Low and High Speed. Some spa controllers may use the Red Wire for High Speed, and Black Wire for Low Speed. Other spa controllers may use the Black Wire for High Speed, and Red Wire for Low Speed. And Normally the White Wire is for Line/Common, and the Green Wire is for Ground. It is always recommended to check the old motor wiring diagram or the spa controller wiring diagram to verify for sure to avoid miss-wiring the new pump and damaging it.
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