78. Support: What does the error code FLO, FLC or three flashing dots on the topside display mean? (Electronic)

These error codes mean that you are having a problem with not enough water pressure through your pipes which will also cause the heater to not heat. Below are possible solutions. DIRTY FILTER ELEMENT A dirty filter element will cause decreased pressure and restrict water flow. This will also prevent the pressure switch from providing power to the heater. Not cleaning the filter every two weeks and not replacing the filter every 3 months will trigger the error codes. Power down the system, remove the filter, and restart. If the error codes resolves and the unit heats, it is time to replace your filter element. AIR GAP ON INSTALL When equipment is first installed, air is in the water lines instead of water. Until the air is removed from the lines, there will not be enough water pressure to activate the pressure switch. Putting a garden hose in the filter basket until the air comes to the surface will resolve this most of the time. Air can accumulate in the water lines causing decreased pressure or water flow that surges. Running the pump on high speed for about 5-10 minutes should clear the air from the lines. In between the water purging sequence, stop the pump and then restart back in high speed 2 to 3 times to help the water purge. Slightly open unions and air bleed valves can also help purge the water lines. JET CONVERTERS If you have jet converter turn knobs on the topside of your spa, make sure they are all open so that water will pass through the jets. If you have air valves on the topside of your spa that open and close, make sure this air valve is closed to have our system heat properly. Otherwise, air will eventually pass through the plumbing and deactivate the pressure switch inside the heater. *NOTE: For initial installation of a SpaGuts brand Controller or Spa Pack, make sure to follow the plumbing instructions provided or flow error codes will appear. If the error code don't go away, contact Spaguts Tech Support for further instructions.
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