332. Support: What is the Purple cord for or how to connect the purple blower cord to an exisitng blower?

This purple cord is for an air blower connection. If your spa does not have have air blower, do not connect the purple cord. Leave the receptacle unplugged. An air blower is a motor that blows air into an air line, creating eruptions fo water inside the spa. When the blower motor is turned on, it sounds like a vacuum. If your spa does not have a blower or you do not want to use one, just leave the blower receptacle unplugged. If your spa does have an air blower and you would like information on how to hook up the colored wires off the purple blower cord, follow these instructions: If your existing blower cord does not plug into our controller, you can hard wire our cord to your blower motor or splice the wires to connect the 3-wires. The 3 wires off the purple blower cord represent Black for Line 2 (on/off), White for Line/Common, and Green for Ground. If you are not sure what the colored wires on your existing blower cord represents, contact the manufacturer of the blower or contact a spa tecnician or an elctrician. Mis-wiring can damage the blower or affect the controller. The easiest way is to purchase a new blower from Spaguts.com to avoid any wiring.
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