342. Support: Why does the 25A or 30A buss fuse keep on blowing?

For the 25A or 30A buss fuse to keep on blowing it's either the pump motor is bad, the wiring to the back of the motor is incorrect or loose, wire connectors used are too small, the power supply wire gauge used are two small, or it can be the circuit board. - For 220V supplying to the spa at 50A, you must use number 6 AWG wires. Also make sure to use the correct size wire nuts to connect wires together. Using smaller wires and incorrect size wire nuts will cause an overheat that may melt the wires or blow out the fuse. The wire connection on the power terminal block or contactor may be loose. Check for any loose wiring or connections within the controller or on the circuit board. - A bad pump motor may be drawing too much amperage, is miswired, the motor has gone bad, or loose wire connection. Make sure to use the motor cord provided. PUMP MOTOR WIRING: From the Red Motor cord that is provided, we utilizes the BLACK wire for High-Speed and the RED wire for Low-speed in Two-Speed Pump Circuits. The White wire is for Line/Common connection, and the Green wire is for ground. Keep this in mind when connecting a Two-Speed pump that has not been purchased with this system. To identify the wire connections on the back of the motor, look at the original motor wiring label. It should tell you the Pin Number for connecting Line 1/Common, High Speed, Low Speed, and Ground. We also recommend having the pump motor professionally tested under load. Also make sure the fuse is correctly insert into the fuse holder, and make sure the fuse is not loose on the fuse holder. Let us know your findings. If you would like to return the controller in for inspection, contact us for an RMA to authorize the return.
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