356. Support: Why is the Heater indicator light constanting clicking on/off?

The cause of the heater indicator light clicking on/off, is because of a combination of air and water flowing through the heater tube. This activates the pressure switch on/off continuously. Do Not allow this to continue happening, or the contactors will burn out. Burnt out contactors may affect the warranty. Shut off the spa and continue with air bleeding. After an installation of a spa pack, spa controller, spa pump or a spa heater, always bleed air out of the water lines completely. Also bleed the water lines whenever removing the filter or refilling the spa. Purge the water lines to help remove air from the lines. Turn the tempereature setting off or set to the minimum temperature setting. Run the jets to try and remove air out completely from the water lines. Refer to the Installation Manual for "System Startup" procedures. You may also purge air from the plumbing by inserting a garden hose into your filter system to allow the air to escape back into the spa. Don't allow the pump to run more than 3 minutes with low water pressure. The pump may get damaged after a long period of running dry or with low water flow. If you are an existing customer who purchased Spaguts equipment and still can't get the air out of the water lines, contact Spaguts tech support for an Air Bleeding Guide. For non-Spaguts customers contact your spa manufacturer, or check out the Spaaaah Owner's manual by going to the following link: http://www.spaguts.com/Product.aspx?ID=10
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