99. How do I know if my ozonator is working?

To identify if the ozone generator is working, the red, green or orange light should turn on (CD or CRT version) or the unit should glow (UV version). Ozone gas is clear and you may not even see anything flowing through the ozone tubing. For the UV (Ultra Violet) ozone generator, if you don't see the glowing from the UV light, either the ozone generator is not powered or the UV lamp is not working anymore. For the CD (Corona Discharge) or CRT (Cartridge) ozone generator, if the indicator light is not on, it can be the ozone generator is not powered, the indicator light is out, or the ozone generator is not working anymore. POWER SUPPLY: First thing to do is to verify if the main Controller or power supply is supplying power to the ozone generator. There can be no power or incorrect power being supplied to the ozone generator. Verify off the ozone unit the voltage rating. Then use a voltage meter to verify if the correct power is being supplied to the ozone unit. If no power or incorrect power is being supplied, check the power supply or the controller to see why it's not supplying power to the ozone unit. If correct power is supplied to the ozone unit, then the problem would be the ozone unit or the ozone cord. DETECTING OZONE: To make sure if the ozone unit is actually creating ozone gas, first verify that the ozonator is turned on. Then remove the ozone tubing from the plumbing line ozone injection fitting. From the end of the ozone tubing, blow air through the ozone tubing into the ozone unit (making sure there is no water in the tubing,). Ozone gas should build up inside the housing (ozone unit). Quickly smell the ozone unit to detect ozone gas. Ozone smells like rain has just fallen or a paper that had just came out from a fax or copy machine (a strong bitter sweet odor). NOTE: DO NOT SMELL THE OZONE GAS FOR A LONG PERIOD OF TIME. NOTE: Another way to test an ozone unit to see if it does create ozone gas is to purchase a Spa Ozone Detection Kit. Ozone detection kits are usually available at most spa dealers or spa retailers. The ozone detection kit allows the user to visually see if the ozone unit is creating ozone gas. *If your ozonator is 5 years or older, the ozone unit is most likely not working anymore. This is due to a wear and tear. Ozone Generators normally last 2-5 years. One major fault that can cause the ozone generator to not work properly is when the check valve is not installed or it is installed the wrong way. The check valve is a one way flow valve. Water can enter the ozone tube damaging the ozone unit, or the check valve is blocking the air suction from the ozone injector. The other cause is if your ozone injection valve fitting for the ozone tube, is blowing water out instead of sucking air into the water pipe. This will definitely allow water to enter the ozone generator tubing not letting the ozone generator to perform well and/or damage the ozone generator. The ozone injector may not even create any suctions. To check if your ozone injection valve is sucking air, remove the ozone tubing and put your finger on the nipple fitting. With the pump running in low speed, you should feel a suction from that ozone injection valve. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are using just the ozone unit without chemicals, the spa water will not be fully treated. An ozone unit is not a complete chemical replacement unit. It helps reduce up to 90 percent of chemical usage in the spa. You still need to use chemicals in the water. Check with your local spa dealer for water test kits to determine how much chemical is needed to aid water treatment. If you still have problems with the ozone generator, let us know. We can help you with a new order. If the item was purchased from SpaGuts and still within the warranty period, you can request an RMA to have the ozone unit sent back for warranty inspection.
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