660. Ozonator with built-in air pump

Ozonators with a built-in air pump do not require injectors with a venturi vacuum suction. These type of ozonators can be installed with a Thru-Hull Adapter Kit or Over the wall tubing with air stone. We carry the JED 203 model Ozone Kits with either 110V or 220V voltage ratings. These ozone kits uses the Corona Discharge CD Chip to create ozone, and have a built-in air pump. Ozone tubing is included with air stone, so the tubing and air stone can be dropped into the water. Or a Thru-Hull Adapter Kit can be purchased separately to be mounted on the side wall of the tub that allows a ozone tube connection. The ozone enclosure is also outdoor rated, therefore the unit can be mounted on the oustide of the spa frame.
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