834. Sales: Can I buy just the logic chip for a circuit board?

The logic chip is not available for sale by themselves. You will need to order the complete circuit board that comes with the chip pre-installed. If your control box is more than a few years old, it might be time to replace the whole controller vs. individual components. Not only are the internal components expensive, but in my experience once one thing goes on an old controller, other components are close behind. Our control kits starts at $346.95 for Pneumatic and $365.95 for electronic, delivered and are completely universal and work with any spa. Our control boxes include a heater and topside controls. If your other equipment is more than 5 years old then I would also consider replacing the whole pack which offers discounts from buying the components separately. A complete pack includes the controller, heater, motor, pump, blower, light kit and topside controls. And since it comes pre-plumbed, pre-wired, mounted to a skid and ready to install with just 4 connections you will be sure to be enjoying your spa in no time. Our spa packs starts at $499.99 for Pneumatic, and $549.95 for Electronic. Each spa pack has a 2-year manufacturers warranty. Shipping is always Free in the Continental USA. Click here for details: www.spaguts.com
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