477. Salt Water Application

When using salt, you need a 100% Titanium heater assemly to be installed on a Spa Controller. Salt corrodes the Incoloy Heater Element quickly, and slowly corrodes the stainless steal heater tube. Regular pool and spa pumps are OK with salt water application when there is good amount of circulation and the water is treated properly. We have our Pneumatic Spa Controller starting at $335.95, the CS6200 Series Electronic Spa Controller starting at $399.95, and the VS Series Electronic Spa Controller starting at $398.99. Add a Titanium Heater Assembly to the order, starting at $179.95. A 2-4 weeks lead time is required for this special configuration. A 2 year limited warranty is offered for the controller and heater. The heater will have a 5 year limited warranty against corrosion. If the pump will be located well below the the water level, you can use any of our spa pumps. For a regular soaking tub, you may want to consider the 1HP Pump or the Iron Might Circulation Pump. If the pump will be located at or above the water level, a pool pump is required. NOTE: All spa equipment we offer are to be protected from water infiltration. Let us know if you are interested.
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