365. Support: Blower is tripping the GFCI (SpaGuts Brand).

Typical cause of the blower tripping the GFCI is that the motor is shorted to ground. Either the blower motor went bad, or water got inside the blower. Here is information about the air blower: The air blower is to be connected on an air line. The blower needs to be protected from rain and moisture. It needs to be covered under a spa cabinet. Water should never enter the blower at anytime or the blower motor will get damaged. If a new Spaguts brand blower check valve is not installed or is installed improperly, most likely water have entered the air blower. Check to see if water got inside the blower. If that is the case, it affects the warranty and purchasing a new blower is a better option. Even if a blower check valve is installed, the check valve is meant to stop only a hand full of water. If the entire air line has water in it, the check valve will not stop water from entering the blower. Common cause are due to water overflow in the spa, or too much occupants in the spa to cause water overflow. All blower air lines must have traps installed as a primary water back flow protection. If the water traps are bad, contact a spa technician or a plumber to check out the water traps or to install an additional water trap. Disconnect the blower cord and active the blower circuit from the blower push button to see if the GFCI will still trip. If so, the problem might be within the blower circuit. The controller may need to be inspected. If the spa works fine with the blower cord unplugged, then most likely the problem is the air blower. NOTE: If the water did get inside the blower, fan dry the blower for a couple days. This may help dry up the blower motor, and allow it to work again. Then add an additional water trap on the blower air line, or extend the pipe to mount the blower up higher to protect from future water infiltration. Keep in mind that water damages are not covered under warranty. Spa blower motors have a life span. SpaGuts standard blowers are to be used for normal spa application. Normal application for the standard blower is 20 minutes each day. If customer plans to use the blower for more than 20 minutes, customer is to turn off the blower for at least 30 minutes to cool down before turning on the blower again. Allowing the blower to run longer period of time without a resting time will wear out the motor quicker, reducing it's life span. This also applies for using the standard blower more frequently in a day. There are some customers who uses the spa blower for longer periods during each use (mainly for health reasons). A standard spa blower is not recommended for this application (long period of run time in a day). If everything above checks out fine and the blower still trips the GFCI breaker, the problem can just be a bad blower motor or a bad blower circuit. If this is the case, contact Spaguts or respond to us for an RMA to be issued to authorize the return of the product for inspection per Spaguts warranty policy.
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