360. Support: Command Center temperature displaying is showing "OP" or "OPB".

If the temperature display on the Command Center is showing "OP" or "OPB", it indicates an open probe or signal cannot go through the line (possible cut on the temperature sensor cable). With these error code displaying, it's most likely that the temperature sensor is damaged, and the Command Center will need to be replaced under a non-warranty basis. Check to see where the temperature sensor probe is installed. If the temperature probe is wet or has been in direct contact with water for a long period of time, it will affect the Command Center's operation and digital read-out. If the temperature sensor is wet, try to dry it and then insert back in the drywell. The temperature probe needs to be installed in a thermowell (Drywell), either on the plumbing line or on the wall fitting. This keeps the temperature probe dry. It is better to place the temperature probe in a thermowell. Always keep the temperature sensor dry. Go to this link for more information on a thermowell: http://www.spaguts.com/Product.aspx?ID=16. If the temperature sensor probe is not wet, check to see if the temperature sensor cable is cut or pressed against something. A damaged cable will also affect the proper operation of the Command Center and display the error code. If the temperature sensor never got wet, the temperature sensor cable is not damage, and the Command Center appears to be in good condition, contact us for an RMA to authorize the return of the Command Center for inspection.
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