586. Support: GFCI breaker is now tripping off the VS-Series Spa Controller (not initial installation).

If the GFCI breaker is now tripping off the VS Series Spa Controller, perform the following to troubleshoot: - Try unplugging all the component cords. This includes the electrical Topside (if one is installed), pump(s), blower, ozone and light. Now try setting the GFCI again. - If the GFCI sets, try plugging in each component cord at a time and set the GFCI. If one of the components trip the GFCI, that component may be bad, or the circuit for that component may be shorted. If the first component did not trip the GFCI, try plugging in a different component cord. Then try combinations of cords. Provide us with the results. - If the GFCI still trips even when all component cords are unplugged, check the power wiring and the GFCI wiring. There may be a loose connection, damaged wire, or maybe the power wires are too small. - If there are burnt marks on components inside the controller, the controller needs to be sent in for inspection. Respond to us for an RMA to authorize the return of the controller for inspection. - If everything inside the controller looks clean, then try removing the heater connections off the heater terminals. Make sure to first turn off the Power to the spa, and then use a 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch wrenches to undo the heater connections. Use a 1/4 inch open wrench to hold onto the heater terminal to keep the terminal from turning (this is to avoid twisting the heater terminal which can break and also cause the terminal epoxy to crack. The heater warranty will be affected if there are damages to the heater terminals or terminal epoxy). Then use a 3/8 inch wrench to loosen the nut on top of the heater terminal (turn counter-clockwise). Do this for each heater terminal. Then move the heater connection away to avoid any contact to the heater terminals or any other parts. Make sure both heater connections are disconnected. Now try to set the GFCI. If the GFCI stays on, try running the pump, blower and light (component cords have to be plugged in). If the GFCI says on, it may be the heater that is shorted out. Provide us with results. - If the GFCI still trips without the components plugs or heater cables connected, then we may assume it is the GFCI breaker or the controller. Let us know your findings. NOTE: Do not consider a reading between Line 1 and Neutral as a short. The reading should be between 10 to 12 ohms, which is the resistance reading of the transformer. This is not a short.
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