266. Support: New ozonator is on, but does not create bubbles like the original ozonator (No Air Pump Version)

The Del APG-U, JED 103, Balboa UV, and the Balboa CRT ozonators as advertised on our website, only creates ozone gas. They Do Not have a Built-in Air Pump to help create bubbles or push out the ozone gas into the plumbing or spa. They need to be installed in conjunction with a venturi injector such as a Saddle Clamp, Bypass Kit or Venturi Injector. These ozone injectors create a venturi effect, just like a vacuum suction. While the pump in conjunction with the ozone injector is running, put your finger on the ozone injector nipple fitting to feel for suction. If no suction or the correct ozone injector is not installed, a new replacement ozone injector is needed to be installed. The problem can also be the pump not running. Without water flow, the injector will not work. Have a spa technician to help inspect your spa for installation corrections. If your original ozonator has a small internal air compressor or air pump, then you need a new ozonator with a built-in air pump like the JED 203 Ozone Kit. See link: https://www.spaguts.com/SpaParts.aspx?searchFor=jed+203
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