906. Support: Nothing works on New Install of Balboa VS100 Controller Kit

You reported that the Balboa VS100 Controller Kit does not work when plugged into a 120V outlet. Please check the following to troubleshoot: 1) Confirm that the Corded GFCI is in the Set Position. 2) Verify that there is 120V at the board by measuring voltage between Line 1 and Neutral off the Power Terminal Block. 3) Check for any blown fuses with a voltmeter (F1, F2, F5 Fuses) 4) Verify Dip Switch Settings for the Application (Modify if needed) 5) Verify that the Pump is rated 120V (for 56296 System), and that Pump 1 is plugged into the J23 Pump 1 On-Board Receptacle. 6) Verify Wiring for the Pump Cord for compatibility. 7) Make sure the Heater Power and Sensor Cables are connected 8) Make sure the Spa is completely filled with water 9) Make sure the cable of the Topside Panel is plugged into J1. 10) Check compatitbility of Topside Panel. The existing topside panel will need to be removed from the spa to confirm part number, and that it is a Balboa brand for compatibility. See list of compatible Topside Panels at this link: https://www.spaguts.com/Products/balboa-controller-kit-withremote-heater-vs100-110v-gfci-cord-1-0kw-heater-54821-768.aspx#ConfigSelection
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